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Why Choose Us?

There are tonnes of reasons to choose us as your supply teaching agency.

However, to make your decision a little easier, we’ve narrowed it down. Read on to find out more.

Team Education offers all teachers and support staff a dedicated consultant

Dedicated recruitment consultant

One size does not fit all, registering with Create means you’ll be assigned a dedicated education recruitment consultant, one who will get to know you and find out what motivates you. We will take the time to find out about your career goals and then set out a tailor made plan to help you achieve those goals in a school setting that is right for you.

Our consultants, were born and raised in London and combined have over 40 years of experience in education recruitment so you can rest assured that they know there stuff and the area very well! You can get to know the team better by checking out the join us page where you will find each consultants contact details


Exclusivity on jobs

Our positive partnerships with our schools, MAT's and LEAs means we are trusted to help them with their exclusive future school recruitment plans. We are proud to say that we work with many schools in London on a first call basis. This means that we are able to offer all of our teaching and school staff exclusive jobs that you won’t hear about anywhere else!


Team Education has exclusive jobs

Team Education has 40 years education recruitment experience

Education Recruitment Experts

We are not just recruiters, we are education specialists. Combined we have worked in education recruitment for over 40 years so, we know a thing or two about the education sector. We are confident that we can always adapt and overcome any changes quickly and effectively, keeping you ahead of the game and informed with any changes. Plus we are able to offer variety of training courses through our trusted partners to keep your skills constantly up-to-date.



We work with you side by side every step of the way, to give you the confidence to overcome any hurdle that is in the way of you landing that dream job. We promise to always be at the end of the phone to offer a friendly ear, whether that be after a tough day or to help you with resources, training, and career development etc.

If you choose to put your career in our hands, we will give that the respect and attention it deserves.


Team Education is always there to support our teaching, support and non teaching staff

Team Education offers all staff CPD


We don’t just want to place you into your next role, we want to help develop every individual candidate that registers and we do that by providing a range of development opportunities.

Whether those training opportunities are via our CPD accredited online portal or by our own training and development opportunities, you can be sure that upskilling our candidates is something that is important to the team at Create 

Paid to scale and Paid on time

We all work for money and at Create we respect that - even though education is a calling, you work to live, not live to work. Which is why we work closely with our payroll company, People, to make sure that you are paid the right amount on time each week.

Not to mention that People offer a whole host of benefits and to earn them all you have to do is get paid.

Team Education commits to paying Supply Teachers and support staff  on time and to scale

Team Education offers all teaching and support staff social opportunities

The Social Network

Throughout the academic year we host numerous events for our school staff, not only to show our appreciation but to give you the opportunity to meet others working in schools, like you, and develop what will be a social network of both teaching and non-teaching professionals.

Why not start this by following us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.


Speak to a consultant today on 020 4531 6850

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