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Nano Learning: Revolutionising Education with Bite-Sized Lessons

At Create Education, we’re excited to share the benefits of nano learning, a revolutionary approach to education that delivers bite-sized, targeted content. Learn how nano learning can increase retention, provide flexibility, personalise the learning experience, enhance engagement, and more. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or an organisation looking to upskill your team, nano learning offers a cost-effective and scalable solution. Dive into our latest blog to explore how this innovative method can transform your educational journey!

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The Importance of Cultural Fit in Education Recruitment

In the education sector, hiring the right people is crucial for maintaining a positive and effective learning environment. While skills and qualifications are important, cultural fit can be equally vital in ensuring long-term success and satisfaction for both teachers and students. Here’s why cultural fit matters in education recruitment and how to prioritise it in your hiring process. 


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How to Retain Top Teaching Talent in Your School

In the competitive field of education, retaining top teaching talent is essential for maintaining high standards and ensuring students receive the best possible education. High turnover rates can disrupt learning and create additional costs for schools. Here are some practical strategies to help you retain your best teachers.

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The Crucial Role of Early Childhood Education and Educational Psychology in Child Development

In the journey of nurturing young minds, early childhood education stands as a cornerstone. But why is it so pivotal, and how does educational psychology shape this critical phase? Our latest blog delves into these questions, shedding light on the profound impact of early education and the indispensable role of educational psychology.

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Educators demand action on teacher recruitment

Explore the complexities of addressing the teacher recruitment crisis with us. From government initiatives to expert critiques, we delve into the challenges and propose impactful solutions for a stronger teaching workforce.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, dynamic forces are reshaping traditional teaching methodologies. This blog explores the transformative trends that promise to redefine best practices in education over the coming years.

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Do you remember that one teacher who made a lasting impact on your school days? Maybe they had a knack for turning dull lessons into captivating stories or possessed an uncanny ability to make you believe in your own potential. As we journey into 2024, let's reflect on what made those teachers extraordinary and consider how the world has changed since then. The dynamics of e
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There is a lot that goes into applying for a job or course in education and being invited for an interview can be hugely exciting. However, this excitement can quickly be overshadowed by nerves, and your focus will quickly shift to hoping that the interview goes well. It’s difficult to eradicate this nervousness completely, but preparing for your education interview can make a significant difference. By preparing, you can enter the interview knowing that you are in with a good chance of success.

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A well-crafted resume is a crucial tool for any aspiring educator. It's your first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential employers and showcase your qualifications and passion for teaching.

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Inclusivity in education is an essential element for fostering a positive and effective learning environment. By recognising and embracing the diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities of students, educators can ensure that every learner feels valued and supported.

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Whilst all teachers need to hold teaching qualifications as well as have the right academic knowledge, there are also important soft skills that recruiters are on the hunt for when recruiting for a teaching role.

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Teaching is one of the most important job roles in the world. Teachers hold the responsibility of shaping young people’s minds. To be a successful teacher, you will need to engage in continuous professional development which is essential in keeping up with up-to-date teaching practices and learning patterns. This article explores why it's useful for teachers to consistently engage in professional growth.

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Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can struggle in the classroom, and they tend to have more hurdles to overcome than other students. ADHD impacts a student’s ability to concentrate, sit still and control their impulses. All of this can make it difficult for a student to learn and grow academically, meaning many children with ADHD fall behind. Luckily, there are things that teachers can do to make the classroom a more productive and inclusive place for those with ADHD.

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A lot of teachers feel as though they have to teach students with exams in mind, ensuring students know how to answer exam questions. This often results in students being able to memorise and repeat key pieces of information, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the topic as a whole. However, International Baccalaureate (IB) approaches things in a slightly different way.

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It will come as no surprise that reading is important and, according to a study, children who read for pleasure more than once a week perform better at school than those who read less. Plus, children who read more also had a more proactive approach to their own learning. There is a lot of research that backs this up, but one report states that only 2% of parents read to their children every day. As reading can have such a big impact on a child’s academic learning and development, encouraging them to read is key, and this is something that can be done at school.

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Though it’s important to pay attention in a lesson, it’s not always enough to see someone through a tough exam, and extra work is often needed to get the grades that they want. This is where revision comes in.

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From the view of teachers, tutoring services are thought of as a luxury due to their expense. With school budgets being more tight than they have ever been before, teachers are looking at different ways to save on funds. Unfortunately, one method of saving involves cutting tutoring services for pupils.

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For many secondary school teachers, it can feel like a big responsibility to make sure their new students transition as smoothly as possible into their new environment. With this in mind, there are a few techniques that secondary teachers can try out to help with the transition.

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Schools are anxiously hoping for a big injection of government support this week as school budgets are squeezed between energy price rises and teachers’ pay rises. What’s happening to school budgets (and when)? Pay rises 
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Withholding a clear, reliable and concise stream of parent-teacher communication is vital. This reliable form of communication will help create a positive experience for both parents and teachers, who share the same goal of achieving a successful education for the student.

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There are various methods of bullying. Some methods include physical, verbal, and cyber. Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 students have reported being bullied at some point during their education, making bullying way more common than it should be. It is vital that signs of bullying are spotted to help assist the student whoe is the victim.

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We can all agree that technology is changing education and laptops, tablets and mobile phone usage is a huge part of this. Students are becoming increasingly used to using technology at home, and so it’s no surprising that a growing number of students want to use phones in school.

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While research on ChatGPT in the classroom is still in its infancy, interest in the topic is booming–academic references on Google Scholar have shot up from 8,000 to 30,000 since April 2023. It’s clear that this is something we all have questions about–and answers are starting to emerge.

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Vaping has emerged as a growing issue among secondary school aged children, fuelled by enticing marketing and sweet flavours. The medical risks associated with early vaping initiation are a cause for concern, and teachers play a pivotal role in addressing and discouraging this behaviour among their students. 

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Creating an SEN-friendly Classroom

Looking for some advice on how to make your classroom more SEN friendly, we've got you covered.

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How to be a great SEN teacher

Here are a few tips to be the best teacher you can be for your students.

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How to support a child with Autism in your classroom

With April being Autism awareness month we wanted to highlight some tips on how to support children with autism in your classroom so we asked Sidney for some tips he has found helpful whilst working in SEN schools.

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Signs that your pupils are struggling

As someone working with children, it’s important to be able to spot the signs of struggle and abuse. This is why we've put a blog together with the main signs you should keep an eye out for.

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Top 5 Reasons to Work in a SEN School

SEN schools focus on supporting students with special educational needs. Working within one of these schools can be very rewarding and can become a life-long fulfilling career helping equip students for adult life and for them to forge an equally successful career for themselves.

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Meet Sidney

Get to know our SEN consultant Sidney a little better and find out why he chose to work for Create Education. 

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Time to Talk Day: 5 ways you can make time to talk with your class.

We have compiled a list of 5 ways you can get your class talking about mental health.

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How to Get Involved In School's Football Week

School's Football Week kicks off on the 7th of February. Here are some back of the net ways to get the kids involved!

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Christmas Lesson Plan Ideas

Christmas is a really exciting time of year for students (and grown-ups too). There are lots of festive, fun ways for you and your students to celebrate Christmas. To help we’ve shared a few ideas below.

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Switching off at Christmas

We’ve put together a few tips to help our teachers switch off and really make the most of the Christmas period with their friends and family. 

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Exam stress - how teachers can help
Exams can be stressful for students no matter what their age may be. However, feeling anxious about exams is a totally normal feeling and at times it can help us to perform better! Excessive stress and worrying can have detrimental effects on students’ wellbeing though. In fact,  82% of teacher
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How to get your classroom Halloween ready.

Here are a few ways you can get your classroom Halloween ready. 

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Tips for working in a London nursery

We’re here to give you a few tips on how to prepare for their first day working in a nursery.

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We've Signed the Mental Health in Recruitment Pledge

We are proud to announce that we have signed the Mental Health in Recruitment Awareness to Action Pledge.  

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Places in London that are perfect for school trips

London is a popular destination for school trips as there is so much to do. Of course, if we were to write about every attraction there is in London, we’d be here all day so, we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favourites. Hopefully, this should make choosing your next school trip a little easier! 

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Who are we?

I have been working in education recruitment since the age of 25, where I started as a young confident trainee at Protocol Education. The last 15 years have certainly been a rollercoaster, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed to date. 15 years working in any profession is a long time, and naturally, throughout that time I had the pleasure of working with a few different agencies and seen the different ways in which they operate. Having had the time to reflect, I now realise that those experiences were instrumental in my development as a recruiter. I am confident that most education recruiters who read this would agree that the longer you work in education, the more your relationship with education changes. 


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